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3. mars 2012

Physics field trip

Yesterday I went to Florida with two teachers and 14 other students. After many hours of traveling we finally arrived at the hotel. We went quickly to bed to rest for today's adventures.

It has been an amazing day! We went to Hollywood studios, WDW. Everything we saw was incredible. They had went all out on everything. Every detail, every effect, it was all very well made.

The thing I liked the most today was the last show we saw, it's called Fantasmic. It was about Mickey's fantasy, and they were showing parts from all the famous Disney movies. The effects were unbelievable! They had projectors showing pictures on a wall of water, the water was burning, there was fireworks. Everything was mind blowing!!!

Tomorrow we are going to Magic kingdom. I hope that will be awesome as well!

All the Disney characters, from Fantasmic.

We had our lunch in a restaurant where we were sitting in cars, eating while watching a movie.

We got to see Beauty and the Beast. Bell's dress was amazing!

And then we got to meet Indiana Jones after their stunt show.

Fred, KT
Dette er fysikkturen sin det!

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Ruth Ayres sa...

Okay, so all the kids are crammed around my computer saying -- Awww, Coool, Wooooo!

So glad you are having fun.