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5. mars 2012


Today we've spent our time at Epcot. We went on some awesome rides. The first one was a hang gliding simulator. We were watching a brig screen with scenes from all over the U.S. It really felt like we were hang gliding! We also visited Norway, China and Germany. I got to talk some Norwegian to the people working there, which was very strange. It's nice to talk Norwegian, but it doesn't feel natural anymore.

We ate our dinner at Chef Mickey's. It was a buffet where you could eat as much as you wanted to. I got salmon and some incredible potatoes. I've missed my salmon.
While we were eating Pluto, Donald, Minnie, Goofy and Mickey walked around. They stopped at our table so we could take pictures with them.

Fred, KT

3 kommentarer:

Deb Day sa...

Love Epcot Center. Great place and wonderful for the imagination. Lucky you to get to spend the day there!

Christy Rush-Levine sa...

I am amazed by your comment that it does not feel natural to speak Norwegian anymore. I am impressed by people who can speak two languages. It sounds like you are also thinking in two languages now!

Stacey sa...

I love Disney World, especially the World Showcase at EPCOT. How wonderful that you were able to connect with other Norweigans while you were there!
Enjoy the rest of your trip!